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The 2014 Rosary Procession & Rally on

January 18, 2014 was a HUGE success!


The 2014 ProLife Rosary Procession/Rally

Thank you to all who helped to make our event a HUGE success!

A special Thank You to former Oho state rep Tom Brinkman for
his assistance over many years with our Procession and Rally. 
Thank you, Tom, for your assistance!

Speaker 1Ann Winner
                 Mother of six children

Speaker 2Richard A Brueggemann, Attorney
                 Pro Life Attorney

                 All-Sterling Silver Rosary Raffle Drawing
The winner:  Maria Walker!

There was be a short interval between the Procession and Rally
for people to refresh themselves with coffee/cocoa and doughnuts.


The 2014 ProLife Award recipient is:

Atty. Fred Summe, vice-chairman of Northern Kentucky RTL

Past ProLife award recipients include:

The Maas Family from JTM Group
Tom Condit and Addia Wuchner
Jackie Carney and Jane Hoffman
Katie Walker
Chris Monzel
Ray & Joan Loebker
Bob Cetrulo
Steve Chabot
Joanne Kemmerer
Joe Scheidler
Tom Brinkman
Cinny Roy
Mark Harrington,
James Condit Sr.
Ed Donohoe

Past Cincinnati ProLife Committee Rally speakers:

Ohio Sec'y. of State, Ken Blackwell
OH State Rep., Tom Brinkman
NKY Right to Life President, Bob Cetrulo
U.S. Congressman, Steve Chabot
Catholic Charities of Arlington, Katie Walker
Hamilton Cty. Clerk of Courts, Patricia Clancy
Ed Donohoe of Pregnancy Center East
Midwest Director for Bioethical Reform, Mark Harrington
Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati President, Jack Hart
Hamilton Cty. Commissioner, Phil Heimlich
City Councilman, Sam Malone
Cinny Roy of HEART
City Councilman, Chris Monzel
Joe Scheidler of the ProLife Action League
U.S. Congresswoman, Jean Schmidt
OH State Rep., Michele Schneider
OH State Senator, William Seitz
Exec. Director Right to Life of Greater Cinti, Paula Westwood
City Councilman, Charlie Winburn

Congratulations to Meg Witman, the winner of the 2012
giveaway drawing for the all-sterling silver rosary!

Cincinnati ProLife Committee
Attn:  Joanne Kemmerer
(513) 731-8080
PO Box 12512
Norwood, OH 45212


Two young Cincinnati-area sisters released an original
song with a special pro-life message. This recording is bound
to draw attention to the precious value of each human life as
its release comes on the wake of the anniversary of
Roe v. Wade, the court case that legalized abortion.

Click here to listen or download.

Donations to CPLC are gratefully accepted.

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  Revisiting the 30th Annual ProLife Rosary Procession and Rally

Thank you, 500 plus stalwart pro-lifers, for walking with us in downtown Cincinnati in the bitter cold, (16 degrees + wind chill) Saturday, January 18th, to pray the Rosary in reparation for abortion.  A contingent from the University of Dayton marched behind their banner, “Flyers for Life”.

Thank you if you prayed at home. TV stations showed us on the evening news, and the Cincinnati Enquirer reporter wrote an excellent article in the January 19th, Sunday paper, as well as posting a video of our procession on-line! The Enquirer posted a correction for one error, January 24,: “The U.S. Supreme Court refused to stop a Texas law that requires doctors to get admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic where they provide abortion services.” In fact, SCOTUS ruled on November 19, 2013 against Planned Parenthood on this matter!

Former OH State Rep. Tom Brinkman introduced pro-life Atty. Tom Condit on
City Hall steps. Tom Condit, encouraging the young pro-life adults to get involved, made some wry remarks about the status quo: too many babies still being killed, but he acknowledged the progress being made regarding the closing of many surgical abortion facilities across the country. Fr. Joseph Greenwell then blessed the statue of Our Blessed Mother, and the solemn procession wound its way from City Hall to Fountain Square.

Mrs. Ann Winner informed the crowd at the Fountain Square rally about the 30 mile law to their muffled mitten applause! As pointed out on this web site, the media was silent about this pro-life victory (see the article below). There is a 30 mile law now in both Missouri and Texas.

Tom Brinkman presented the Cincinnati ProLife award to Atty. Fred Summe, the vice-chairman of the Northern Kentucky Right to Life, for his extensive work for many years defending innocent babies’ lives.

Pro-life Atty. Rick Brueggemann, former chairman of the Boone County Republican Party, gave a substantive speech tracing many Supreme Court decisions since Roe v. Wade. He remarked about the ‘inconsistency’ of the Court’s rulings as they did or did not relate to the U.S. Constitution. (Using Roe v. Wade as a precedent seems illogical as many jurists, even those who support abortion, regard the 1973 decision as unconstitutional. And there are many examples of one Supreme Court overthrowing another, i.e. Brown v. the Bd. of Education canceling Plessy v. Ferguson.) Because of the serious dilemma America faces with this abortion battle, Rick Brueggemann asked the crowd to not only act politically, but to strengthen our spiritual efforts by appealing to the ‘army of the dead’. He explained that he has prayed the Rosary asking deceased relatives to intercede for special intentions with amazing results!

Maria Walker, sophomore at Immaculate Conception Academy won the sterling silver Rosary. We are grateful to Mrs. Lisa Reist (thank you, Lisa, for all you and your family do!) and her hot cocoa and coffee crew who provided us with yummy doughnuts to sustain us. Let us all pray for the individual who stole one of her cash donation containers.

And let us continue to follow the news regarding the closing of the Sharonville abortuary. What timing! The uproar in the abortion community has to make one ponder just how little anti-life folks care about the health of the mother!

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Shhhhh!  SCOTUS ruled against Planned Parenthood?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Texas passed a law last July called the 30-mile law. It prohibits abortionists to kill babies unless they have “active admitting privileges at a hospital that is located not further than 30 miles from the location at which the abortion is performed or induced and provides obstetrical or gynecological health care services.” *

Missouri passed a 30-mile law in 2005.

The 30-mile law

• saves 50 lives daily in Texas and
protects mothers from injuries suffered from abortion.
• is self-enforcing, does not require inspections by state authorities, i.e. remember Kermit Gosnell?
• can easily be verified by using the internet to determine if abortionists have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.

Planned Parenthood demanded and was granted an injunction blocking the law by a federal court judge. State Attorney General Greg Abbott appealed the ruling and an all-women panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, overruled the trial court’s decision and reinstated the law 72 hours later! PP then filed an emergency application with the U.S. Supreme Court to try to further block this law. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4, November 19th, in favor of the 30-mile law and against Planned Parenthood.

So, why didn’t we know? Because the pro-abortion media did not choose to publicize this pro-life victory. After all, support for the 30-mile law could become ‘contagious’ in other states. What can we do? Spread the word to our contacts AND our state legislators!

Joanne S. Kemmerer

*HB 2, added Section 171.0031(1) to Subchapter A, Chapter 171, of the Texas Health and Safety Code; source for this article is the December 2013 Republican National Coalition For Life newsletter

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