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Join us on January 17, 2015
for the 31st Annual

Cincinnati ProLife Rosary Procession and Rally!

Annual ProLife Fundraising Dinner  -  Saturday, November 15, 2014
Immaculate Conception Academy, 4510 Floral Avenue, Norwood, OH 45212
Come join your fellow pro-lifers for an evening of good food and conversation while
supporting this most important event!  Download the event flyer here.



The 2015 ProLife Rosary Procession/Rally

January 17, 2015 at City Hall, Downtown Cincinnati

Speaker 1Chris Monzel
                 Hamilton County Commissioner

Speaker 2Anna Mitchell
                 The Son Rise Morning Show team

                 All-Sterling Silver Rosary Raffle Drawing
To be held after the March at the Rally

The 2014 ProLife Award recipient was:

Atty. Fred Summe, vice-chairman of Northern Kentucky RTL

Past ProLife award recipients include:

The Maas Family from JTM Group
Tom Condit and Addia Wuchner
Jackie Carney and Jane Hoffman
Katie Walker
Chris Monzel
Ray & Joan Loebker
Bob Cetrulo
Steve Chabot
Joanne Kemmerer
Joe Scheidler
Tom Brinkman
Cinny Roy
Mark Harrington,
James Condit Sr.
Ed Donohoe

Past Cincinnati ProLife Committee Rally speakers:

Ohio Sec'y. of State, Ken Blackwell
OH State Rep., Tom Brinkman
NKY Right to Life President, Bob Cetrulo
U.S. Congressman, Steve Chabot
Catholic Charities of Arlington, Katie Walker
Hamilton Cty. Clerk of Courts, Patricia Clancy
Ed Donohoe of Pregnancy Center East
Midwest Director for Bioethical Reform, Mark Harrington
Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati President, Jack Hart
Hamilton Cty. Commissioner, Phil Heimlich
City Councilman, Sam Malone
Cinny Roy of HEART
City Councilman, Chris Monzel
Joe Scheidler of the ProLife Action League
U.S. Congresswoman, Jean Schmidt
OH State Rep., Michele Schneider
OH State Senator, William Seitz
Exec. Director Right to Life of Greater Cinti, Paula Westwood
City Councilman, Charlie Winburn

Congratulations to Meg Witman, the winner of the 2012
giveaway drawing for the all-sterling silver rosary!

Cincinnati ProLife Committee
Attn:  Joanne Kemmerer
(513) 731-8080
PO Box 12512
Norwood, OH 45212

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  ProLife News

Martin Haskell, of notorious fame for developing the late term abortion technique of delivering the baby except for the head, turning the child over, then sucking out its brains, has put his local abortuary up for sale. The Women’s Medical Center is located at 11250 Lebanon Rd. in Sharonville. No surgical abortions are performed there anymore due to the Ohio law requiring a transfer agreement with a hospital. However, the WMC is open twice a week for consultations and referrals to his Dayton abortion facility.

The Melbourne March for the Babies 2014 was a huge success, October 11th, with 5,000 to 7,000 participants led by four mounted police. This year was quite a contrast to the violence last year that included assaults and invasion of the stage, with pro-aborts holding signs like “The Only Good Baby Is a Dead Baby!!!”, and police only watching. This year there were 40 police on foot to keep pro-abort protestors back, as well as a helicopter overhead monitoring the event. The march was from the inner city to the Parliament House for speeches, then onto the surprise destination, the Fertility Control Clinic, Melbourne’s first and longest running abortuary.

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